A little bit of what to expect, what you will experience, and we even threw in a few must-read recommendations that will elevate your experience and help to give you the best wedding photographs possible.


Booking Your Wedding Photographers

Creating the perfect wedding photography timeline

-Working together to create the perfect wedding photography timeline to get the most out of your wedding photography investment
-help you calculate how much photography time your unique wedding will need

eContract + Retainer

eContract + $500 retainer locks in the wedding date on our calendar so no one else can book your wedding date.  Until we receive the completed eContract & retainer, the wedding date remains open on our calendar for others to book.
-We accept Visa, Mastercard


-The value of hiring a wedding coordinator

-Importance of choosing a good H&M artist.  Finding the perfect H&M artist (their palet and photography go hand-in-hand (painting a picture and handing it over to someone to complete)


30 Days Before Your Wedding

Balance Due

-Balance is paid 30 days before wedding day

Complete Survey

-Tim halberg's notes
-Details list of stuff to set aside

Family Portrait List



1 Week Before Your Wedding

Finalize Wedding Photography Timeline

-Addresses to getting ready location(s)
-Getting ready times for wedding party to be there and ready by
-You will want to communicate with H&M on their completion times according to the timeline.  Keep them in the loop on the day-of timeline.  Send schedule so they know when to be done by and they can count back time and plan accordingly.

Picking Out A Great Getting-Ready Location

-The photos really do matter where you plan to do your wedding day getting ready preparation.  Here are a few suggestions to picking a location that lends to great photos.

-Lg window
  clutter free
  Possbily take the girls portraits there
  exchange gifts, letters
details set aside
  relaxed to get natural expressions
  champaign toast

Three Ways to Prevent Ruined Wedding Photos

-Consider unplugged or at least tell about guests/videographers standing
1) In aisles
2) Behind B&G during ceremony
3) or around first dance

Show map of where people commonly go in red, and where they shouldn't go.


After Your Wedding

Wedding Photographers Begin Enhancements

-Each image is taken through a digital enhancement process to make it the best it can be.


Online Gallery Delivered

-Wedding Photographers email you a link to view in online gallery and download in high resolution

Print & Share Your Wedding Photos

-You can print your wedding photos where you like

-Show a comparison of print qualities (ie/ Costco, Target, Walgreens vs. ProLab)