Santa Barbara Courthouse Intimate & Elopement Weddings

Santa Barbara County Courthouse is a beautiful location to have a smaller intimate or elopement style wedding.  Once you experience the location and beautiful architecture in person, you will understand why it is such a popular destination wedding location for intimate and elopement weddings.  We offer wedding photography packages for the Santa Barbara Courthouse, please contact us for the details.  Until we hear from you, we would love to share some insights from our experience photographing at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

It is not uncommon for Santa Barbara to be a couple's social destination get away location.  After being married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, it's often becomes a special city out of town couples share between the two of them. It becomes a quiet get away to escape for wedding anniversaries and is a romantic place to visit when taking time away for just the two of you.

Say County-office in text.


Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding Locations

-Santa Barbara's Courthouse has three wedding locations.  Advantages to each.  Photos at each location.  Other locations around the grounds

A Little History

-To fully appreciate the beauty of the Santa Barbara Courthouse, it helps to have a little history.

Sunken gardens footprint.  Old castle design.  Makes it a special site in Santa Barbara for both locals and tourists.  

It is a beautiful location and it is a popular place in Santa Barbara for intimate and elopement weddings.

Things To Know

-It stays open to the public.  It's not uncommon for tourists to be walking the grounds taking photos in front of the beautiful architecture.  So people are allowed to walk around.
The tower is often occupied by tourists.

-Oh did we mention the records office is right there on the corner - makes filing paperwork a little more convenient.