Pricing for wedding collections starts at $3850 and ranges based on how many hours of photography coverage you need. The average couple invests approx $5000 into their wedding photograph collection. Please inquire for more detailed information around collection specifics.


Intimate & Elopement Weddings

Santa Barbara is a premiere destination wedding location that attracts weddings of all sizes; from larger, multi-day weddings to intimate elopements involving a few close family members & friends.  Many couples visit Santa Barbara as a special destination wedding location for a smaller, more intimate wedding. Hourly rates are available separate from the collections below with myself as the sole photographer for shorter, intimate and elopement style weddings.



every collection includes




Every full wedding collection includes myself, Matt Roberts, and a second photographer.  Having two photographers means covering more angles, capturing more candid moments, and the ability to give you more photos.  Since your wedding day is packed full of ‘one-time’ moments, two photographers gives you more.



Every photo I deliver goes through a multi-step, hand edited, digital enhancement process to make each photo the best it can be.  Digital enhancements include adjustments to the photograph’s color, exposure, shadows, highlights and/or contrast.

Digital Files

& Printing

The digital files and printing privileges are included so you and your family can print as many 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10’s as you would like, wherever you would like. The included resolution prints up to 8x10. Larger format wall art can be ordered through the studio.




In a world saturated with digital photos, there is something transforming about re-experiencing your wedding photos in their tangible print form.  Since Facebook and Instagram aren’t wedding albums you will pass down to the next generation, I give you more than digital files.  I include a basic, starter album in each collection.  I work with you after your wedding to carefully craft your wedding photos into a beautiful heirloom album story.

Photo Release

For Sharing

Not all of your family and friends may be able to attend your wedding; Life circumstances, time-off work, health, and the expense of travel. I don’t want to leave anyone out.  It is important to me that your friends and family can relive each moment of your wedding day through your photos as if they were there themselves.  This is why I include a photo release allowing you to download and easily share your favorite photos through email or social media.



Just as important to the quality of photos is how you view and share them.  My online gallery makes it easy for you to share your favorite wedding photos with your family and friends.  You no longer have to copy files on DVDs for anyone that may want a copy of your wedding photos.  Simply forward the online gallery link I send you, and you’re done.